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World Teachers' Day!


World Teachers' Day, known also as International Teachers Day, has been held annually since the United Nation's proclaimed the special day in 1994.

When is World Teachers' Day?

The global day to celebrate Teachers this year is on Friday, October 5 2018.

What is World Teachers' Day?

World Teachers' Day celebrates the very important role teachers play and to honor them for their special contributions and dedication..

How did World Teachers' Day start?

World Teachers' Day begun in October 5, 1994 as proclaimed by UNESC. This day also celebrates the adoption of hte UNESCO General Conference in 1997 of the UNESCO recommendation concerning teachers.

How can I celebrate World Teachers' Day?

Lots of events are organized around this day to celebrate teachers in general, trade unions play an important role in World Teachers' Role as well as conferences and other events organized to emphasize the importance of teachers and the important role they play in our society. So give your favorite teacher an apple, say thank you and remembeer to do this every day of the year not just on World Teachers' Day!

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