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US National Cat Day!



US National Cat Day was started in 2005 to help spread the message of the vast number of cats that need rescuing and to encourage cat lovers to celebrate the cats in their lives. As Charles Dickens says “What greater gift than the love of a cat?”.

When is US National Cat Day?

National Cat Day in the US will be on Monday, October 29 2018.

How can I celebrate International Cat Day?

If you are lucky enough to have a cat at home, then celebrate their special day through giving them a bath, pampering them, giving them some of their all-time favourite treats, give them a cardboard box to play with or just watch them take a long catnap!

How can I make a difference?

Help find cats good homes by adopting a cat from a shelter or from a pet rescue organization. Another way to celebrate kitty cats around the world is to donate blankets, toys, pet food or volunteering at a local shelter. Owning a cat has been proven to improve mental heath, relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Share your feline appreciation by tweeting about your love of cats by using the hashtag #InternationalCatDay.

What other days celebrate our feline pals around the world?

World Cat Day is celebrated on February 17 each year throughout much of Europe, on March 1 in Russia and International Cat Day in the US is celebrated on 8 August.

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