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Chinese New Year!


This Chinese New Year we will be celebrating to the Year of the Pig! So light those fireworks, give or receive red envelopes and celebrate! 新年快樂!

When is Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year be on Tuesday, 5 February 2019, Chinese New Year is not set on the same date each year, it is a movable celebration as it is based on the lunar calendar.

What is Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year is the most anticipated global event in China's calendar. This Chinese festival, otherwise known as Spring Festival, is celebrated at the start of the traditional lunar calendar.

How do I celebrate Chinese New Year?

The celebration that takes places all over the world involves bell ringing, traditional lion dances, lighting firecrackers, having dinner with your family and don't forget to clean your house to sweep away the bad fortune before the New Year! Traditional children get given red envelopes with money and positive wishes inside, nowadays a lot of children have mobile apps so their families can transfer the money digitally!

What is the zodiac animal this year?

This year is the Year of the Pig! THe Chineses zodiac moves in a 12-year cycle.

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